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Each day we receive 2-6M new contacts from a myriad of lead resellers. Now we’ve taken our database and put it online so you can search (and download) targeted prospects all on your own.

Why pay for the individual nuggets of gold, when you can own the whole mine??!!

Monthly Subscription Options

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$150 - $350per thousand

$0.15 - $0.35per contact

Source: 2019


$1 - $4per thousand

$0.001 - $0.004per contact

NOTE: The Data Mine pricing above does not include data scrub (avg. $2-3 per thousand) or account for contacts lost in scrub process. Difference in price is based on subscription package chosen.



  • Credit & Loan Seekers
  • Debt
  • Health Insurance
  • Investors
  • Life Insurance
  • Payday Loans
  • Tax Relief


  • Men
  • Women
  • College Students
  • Senior Citizens
  • Military
  • Executives
  • Owner/CEO/Presidents
  • B2B
  • Financially Challenged

Interest & Hobbies

  • Bicyclists
  • Boaters
  • Business Opportunity Seekers
  • CBD Oil
  • Diabetics
  • Health: Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Home Buyers
  • Pet Owners
  • Pet Groomers & Boarders

Behavioral Groups

  • Active Online Responders
    • Openers
    • Buyers
    • Clickers
  • Good Deal Hunters
  • Health:
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Weight Loss
  • Website Owners
  • Christians
  • Churches

Expressed Buying Intent

  • Auto Insurance & Warranty
  • Business Opportunity Seekers
  • Credit & Loan Seekers
  • Diabetics
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Good Deal Hunters
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Buyers
  • Home Security
  • Solar
  • Hotels
  • Life Insurance
  • Payday Loans
  • Travel

The Data Mine Difference

  • Unlimited list searching. Only pay for what you download.
  • Completely self-serve.
  • Access over 30 feeds of data including: Job title, geography, interest and buying intent. See Digital Direct’s Lead Feed for full details.
  • Append contact information (including email), from Facebook ID’s.
  • No long term contracts. Start or stop anytime.
  • Credits carry over month-to-month until you cancel your subscription.
  • Millions of new contacts added weekly.


  • All Lists Need to Be Scrubbed. Data Mine data is compiled from many sources and is unscrubbed when it is added to our DB. Before you email anyone you must scrub your database to rid it of undeliverable email addresses, avoid excessive bounces/spam traps etc. Data scrubbing is an optional service available from Digital Direct.
  • Expect average retention of 20-30% of Contacts Post Scrub. One of the reasons our pricing is so low is that we wanted you to have a great value, even after losing a large portion of each list during the scrubbing hygiene process.

    Guarantee: If you average less than 20% post scrub retention in any month, we will replace the excess lost with extra contacts for free.

  • You Must Be Spam Compliant. We are licensing you access to our database on the condition that you follow all applicable email spam regulations. In the U.S. here are the guidelines you’re agreeing to adhere to.
  • Your Data Mine Subscription Does Not Include Email Sending Service. You get the data but will need to work with an ESP in order to send your data. This is one of the optional services we provide.


Every industry has companies that resell leads to vendors in that industry. Digital Direct has formed dozens of partnerships with these companies which gives us access to their lead flow.

Data Mine data is compiled from many sources and is unscrubbed when it is entered. Before you email anyone you must scrub your database to rid it of undeliverable email addresses, avoid excessive bounces/spam traps etc.

To illustrate, let’s look at an example:

  • 25,000 contacts costs $100
  • Scrubbing 25,000 contacts costs $75
  • If you retain 20% that is a net of 5,000 contacts at a total cost of $175 which is $35 per thousand or $0.035 per contact.
  • Typical list broker rates are $150-$350 per thousand or $0.15 - $0.35 per contact making us still roughly 5-10x less expensive

The client sends out through their own email service provider. If they don't have an email service provider Digital Direct can send it out for a supplemental charge.

In many cases, when we have the geographical data available, yes.

No. Each of our subscriptions is on a month-to-month basis so you can stop at any time.

Downloaded contacts are not scrubbed prior to your receiving. The email validation/scrub is an optional service Digital Direct can provide for you (see Misc section of our website for rates).

See The Pre-Launch Special Offer